To get right into the heart of things in a bustling Indian auto market, Fiat have announced that they along with alliance partners, Chrysler will be introducing 9 new products in Indian markets in the coming 4 years. Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler will be introduced into India next year, while Fiat also plans on bringing in racing car brand Abarth to India by 2013.

The Fiat-Chrysler alliance in Indian markets will entail a three pronged stratagem which will start with introduction of these 9 new vehicles. After this, the company will be keen on enhancing their independent dealer networks followed by creation of strong marketing tactics to enhance awareness of brand perception.

From third quarter of 2013, D Segment Jeep Wrangler and E Segment Grand Cherokee will be launched in India, coming in as completely built units. 2015 will see launch of SUVs in the B Segment while 2016 will see launch of C Segment vehicles all of which will be produced from the company plant in Ranjangaon in Maharashtra. Fiat is also planning launch of new Punto, Linea Classic and new Linea along with a compact SUV in 2014 while increasing their dealer networks to 112 new dealers in 126 cities besides 39 service centers spread across the country.